Jobot has been a Downtown Phoenix staple for more than a decade. Founder John Sagasta has been a long time serial entrepreneur and his die hard love of coffee is what sparked the Jobot journey. Over the years there have been several iterations of this local favorite hangout, and many remember enjoying the late night crepes in the 1930’s bungalow location right off of 5th St. and Roosevelt. In 2017 a larger home for Jobot was found right in the heart of the Arts District and includes a full bar, food menu with vegan and vegetarian options, and weekend service until 3am! While Jobot continues to be a hot spot for local artists, students, professionals, and musicians; Sagasta continues to experiment with other small business ventures as well. Some of his enterprises have included Nachobot (a play on Jobot, of course), Rezbot with Chef Mario, Bodega 420, Beer & Flowers, and Melt (which can still be found at Jobot). As always, Prestamos CDFI was happy to be able to support the ongoing growth of this small business venture and entrepreneur, and we wish both Sagasta and Jobot much continued success!


“The funding Prestamos granted us gave us the ability to expand on a good idea. The TA Services gave us the fundamentals to make good decisions and build a foundation for sustainable growth.” - John Sagasta


Head on down, have a drink, and be part of the Jobot community today!


Check out more info here:
333 East Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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